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Aging in Place Tech Makes Aging at Home Attainable

Kevin Osteen

Making the decision to Age at Home, or Age in Place, means investing time and money into your home. It's an investment worth making to ensure your lifestyle and your preferences continue as you get older. But according to a Washington Post piece, technology has graciously caught up with some specific aging in place needs, making it just a little bit easier and a little bit less expensive to age at home.

Sensors are available that detect movement in the house, letting you or a loved one know that you're okay. Prescription medications can be monitored and properly dispensed with a smart pill counter. Healthcare in general is easier with doctors on call through face time and the like via computer. Security is maintained with smart home technology, keeping us safe from would-be intruders. Electricity, home comforts like air conditioning and heat, appliances, and water can all be managed with smart home tech as well, allowing for hands-free living. 

We all remember the "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up" commercial, but falls are an extremely common, potentially life-threatening (and certainly lifestyle changing) issue in senior homes, and the sooner medical care can find you and assist, the better. Wearable tech can alert emergency services immediately and ensure you're well on your way to receiving help.

Bottom line: aging at home means more than just building and construction changes -- it means making sure your space is set up to keep you safe and comfortable, and technology can be a big part of that.