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Be Wary of DIY (a.k.a., The Value of a Good Contractor)

Kevin Osteen

Renovation jobs always start with demolition, and it's in that phase of work that we uncover issues heretofore unknown by us or the homeowners. A lot of those issues, we've found, are caused by do-it-yourself repair and renovation work. A really scary example of why you should call and utilize a professional on any home renovation project presented itself today.

We started work on a bathroom gut and renovation project. As demolition unfolded, we found wiring in the walls that's been heating up to such a high temperature that it's burning the wire casing and the insulation around it. (See photos above) Left unchecked, the wiring could catch the interior walls on fire, bringing the whole house with it in a matter of minutes. It's scary to see that in anyone's house. Since we found this today, I've already contacted our favorite electrician and he'll be able to find and remedy the issue post-haste.

All of us builders find these kind of DIY blunders in homes every day. Be sure to contact a professional any time you're dealing with a renovation project -- a little extra investment on the front end means you can save yourself, your home, and your family a big heartache later.