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4637 Guild Trail
Chattanooga, TN, 37409
United States


General Contractor specializing in historic homes, renovation, custom builds, sustain, design, build, Osteen Construction, infill, additions, bathrooms, kitchens 

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Osteen Construction cut its teeth on renovation work. While we’ve worked all over the city on everything from small commercial projects to the restoration of hand-built, one room pioneer log cabins, our main focus is in the city’s historic districts. These historic home projects protect and preserve not only a part of our history but also the materials and resources required to build a new home. The opportunity to take one of these old, outdated houses and turn it into a reliable and functioning home that works for the way families live today is a great challenge. In most cases these homes have been around for over one hundred years. With our help, these classic, legacy homes remain functional and reliable for many years longer.