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What Once Was Mine (Will be new again)

Kevin Osteen

Opportunity presents itself in strange ways. Last week, my tool trailer was stolen. Yep. They got everything. I'm down to a couple pair of pliers and a screwdriver or two. It was the strangest feeling. I got to the jobsite and felt like something was amiss but couldn't figure out what. I looked around a bit, answered a few phone calls and put the feeling out of my head. Once it was time to start work I walked to the trailer....wait. Where's the trailer? Look around. Make sure I'm at the right jobsite. Seriously, where's the trailer? It's gone. They were kind enough to leave my wheel chocks. I called the cops, called the insurance company, called a couple of friends to make sure it wasn't a joke and settled in to the reality that I was no longer the owner of a great set of tools. The cop said that I'd likely never see them again. There is evidently a bunch of this going on and he said that typically the thieves are taking the tools to neighboring states to sell/pawn/use them.

It could have been worse. I'm healthy. No one was hurt. I'm blessed with the opportunity to continue to earn a living and to replenish what I lost. What I lost was just stuff and I can get more stuff. I will miss that circular saw, though. It was the best one I've ever owned. I admit it took some time to get this mindset. Im sure my wife will attest that I was no fun for a couple of days.  

One upside to this is that I get to design a new trailer. In my old one, I had custom built all the shelving so that everything had a home right down to the last tool. It took a long time to figure out that system and while there was room for improvement, I didn't want to take the time to redo what was working okay.

Now I get to redesign my trailer, literally, from the ground up. I'm having one built. More functionality. More security. More coolness. I'm already calling it the "Urban Assault Trailer." It will be a great place to house all the new shiny tools I'll end up buying over the next few jobs. By the way, if you should happen into a pawn shop over the holidays, have a look at the tools and see if you come across any with Osteen Construction written, engraved, painted on them with the words "Do Not Pawn" and my phone number. The cop said it wouldn't matter that I'd labelled them all. I have a feeling he's right, but just in case....

I'll post pictures of the UAT once it's done. I bet you're gonna want one.